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"I find myself more independent in the camp. I hadn't live outside without my parents before joining the camp. At first I did miss my mum and dad feeling unhappy because there is only one girl. However after a while, I get along with the boys. Begin to enjoy the trip. Through the trips to the mountains and lakes, I experienced something super special. I felt I was just a part of the forest. Thanks the camp so much, thanks to making me a stronger person and the great experience. Hope to see something new in the camp!"



“Camp beyond is a place where teenagers can get to know more people outside of their comfort zone and have a lot of fun in this outside camp. The experience was wonderful, and I would gladly come back for another season"

Dylan Fang


"The summer vacation in Camp Beyond is the most fulfilling summer camp I have ever spent. During the camp, John and Khessed helped us try a lot of interesting activities that I had never been before in China: sleeping in tepee, catching mussels in the Columbia river, visiting police car, learning about the local plants in Oregon and Washington, and learning about the American history and culture from all aspects. Self-knowledge classes in the morning and evening also helped me think a lot about the future. Special thanks to Meilian and Megan for cooking delicious food for us, especially the yummy tacos and lasagna"

Sunny Liu