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At Camp Beyond, we believe in the importance of developing students to become adults who lead purposeful and fulfilling lives. We also believe that this ideal looks different for each individual, and that every person gets there in a different way.
For some, this might mean a short time away from formal education.
In the quick-paced modern world of high expectations, taking a “gap year” is often looked down upon; people tend to believe that taking time off from school means that a student will not return to higher education, or that they will fall behind peers who go directly to a university.
This is misleading for many reasons.
In fact, many students reap invaluable benefits from taking some time away from school.
A break from highly structured academics allows students to develop and pursue interests they otherwise would miss out on, or simply to reflect on who they are and want to be before they dive down a career path that ultimately isn’t meant for them.
People perform their best when they are internally motivated and prepared for what they embark on.
While a break may not be the best path for everyone, it is important to consider all options when helping your child into their future.
This article by Harvard demonstrates from admissions specialists’ standpoints how pauses in a young adult’s education can enrich their life and better develop them for their future.
It is also holds other great advice on how best support your students to lead successful lives.
We highly encourage taking a bit of time to check it out!

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