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Apart from the FIT program, Beyond Education offers three different services to provide more specialized support for students who are starting or undergoing the process of applying to colleges.
If you are interested in one or more of these services, or have any questions, contact us by phone at +886 7 556-8059 or by email at

College Essay

We wish to support your child’s future by providing college essay preparation and review services, specifically for highschool seniors from summer break through the application deadlines.

The goal of the program is to make sure the students create and write the best essay to their ability that answers the prompt questions in a way that reveals the special character of the student that is not found in the regular application.
The student must produce their own work.

We can not and will not write the essay for the student, but will guide them in producing what the school is asking for, as well as edit for grammar.

  1. Cost: 800 USD
  2. In this program, we will:
    • Brainstorm with the student essay ideas and discuss with them strengths and weaknesses.
    • List student’s unique character or assets outside of what is on application.
    • Discuss and pick the correct prompt to show the student’s uniqueness.
    • Review what makes an effective college essay.
    • Read and review any supplemental essay questions and create a strategy for answering them.

Your student will be expected to write and revise the essay 5 -7 times as we give them advice and guidance to improve clarity, voice, and structure.

This program should be started at the end of the summer before the student starts their last year in high school.
It is imperative that enough time be given for reflection before the application rush of college starts.

Should the student begin the program during the application process it is suggested that the parents arrange a specific time each week to work on the essays.
The program length depends on the ability of the student, but each essay generally require about 8 to 10 hours of work for best results.

While one main essay is needed on the common application, it is common for schools to also require one or two supplemental essays.
Keep this in mind and plan for enough time to produce quality results

Application Review and Support

This service is for students and families applying for college in the US during the application process.

  1. Cost: 600 USD
  2. This service includes the following:
    • Review the application process with the family and student.
    • Start student on common or specific college application.
    • Review any required supplemental work for different schools.
    • Evaluate application for mistakes, activities, or information that should be added, removed, or changed.
    • Follow up with student on time frames for submitting applications to different schools.
    • Aid student in understanding how to apply for financial aid.
    • Assist family in contacting or communicating with the school should issues with application arise.

Financial Aid

We offer this service for students and families that want to apply for financial aid from colleges that they are accepted to.
Beyond Education staff use our broad experience and knowledge of the US collegiate systems to guide families through the necessary steps of applying and securing financial aid.

  1. Cost: 500 USD + 10% of financial aid secured.
  2. The review process and service includes the following:
    • Fill out the CSS or FASFA information with the parents.
    • Fill out the International Certificate of Finances with parents.
    • Fill out the financial aid application with parents.
    • Follow up with emails from colleges for specific information.
    • Quick search for international student scholarships.
    • Negotiate packages with the colleges.
    • Review packages and type of aid with student and parents.