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College Counseling

FIT program


The goals of this program are to find the best colleges that fit the student's abilities, needs and financial situation, as well as identify the colleges that the student should apply to.
Care will be taken in working with the families to really understand each individual student’s/family's situation and explain to them what options are available.
There are many good opportunities that Asian families miss or are not aware due to limited knowledge of US institutions.
A parent can begin the process at any stage or year.

The fees are paid from June through May for the grade year the student is in.
I can take no more than 25 total students and only 10 within the same grade year.
If students enter the program later than their junior year additional fees may be included depending on how much independent research they have done on their own and the extent of work that still needed to be finished.

  1. Cost

    Contact for more information about program fees.

  2. Features

    The Program will include the following:

    ✶   Grade 9:

    • Interview the student to understand their desire and needs for college education.
    • Overview of the different application systems.
    • Create a high school academic scheduling plan to meet target school criteria.
    • Overview and planning for extracurricular activities program.
    • Interview and briefing with parents of student to determine hopes and actual needs.
    • Teach student how to interpret college websites and videos.
    • Watch and discuss various videos and articles about the application process.
  3. ✶   Grade 10:

    • Fill out student questionnaire and define what the college experience should be.
    • Show and explain the differences in types of colleges and programs.
    • Mapping of students interest, weaknesses, strengths, and available opportunities.
    • Introduce student to sites that can help them with test preparations.
    • Review rankings and college list information with parents and students to begin search.
    • Introduce students to scholarship information sites.
    • Create spreadsheet with student of a target college list, mapping scores, financial aid, and other factors important for the student to gain admission to specific colleges.
    • Take interest and career profile tests to determine possible direction for students.
    • Create standardized testing plan of action.
    • Attend Camp Beyond Summer Program on values and develop a mission statement.

    ✶   Grade 11:

    • Talk and interview teachers and high school counselors.
    • Essay or writing camps/conferences/workshops
    • Do standardized test preparation courses.
    • Initial information letter to colleges.
    • Review and teach students how to interpret college websites and videos to better understand the colleges
    • Begin narrowing the target college list to meet the student’s criteria.
    • Think, pick, and inform recommendators for letters of recommendation
    • Summer college visitation plan
    • Begin Essay / Begin Application.

    ✶   Grade 12:

    • Take last standardized test if necessary.
    • Review with student their college list; narrow the list down to top picks.
    • Look in depth at each college on the short list.
    • Produce final college application list from 8 - 12 colleges.
    • Review application requirements and deadlines for each college chosen.
    • Finish and review essay.
    • Teacher recommendations connected to/with application.
    • Review applications.
    • Review supplemental materials needed for each college applied too.
    • Submit applications.
    • Follow up with colleges on any supplemental information needed.
    • Apply for scholarships and financial aid for student.
    • Review acceptance offers with students and parents.
    • Negotiate and confirm final packages with colleges.

    The program runs for a minimum of 12 months and maximum of 48 months.
    It is suggested that parents start the program by at least sophomore year of high school or start of year 10 .
    Students and families should be very prepared and know well what they are investing in after this process.
    The program will require 30-40 hours of work per year with the counselor through the timeframe and another 30-40 by the student themselves to stay on task with counselors instructions.

    Again, our goal at Beyond Education is to find the right fit for your child. We are not trying to obtain admissions into the highest ranking schools.
    We have your child’s welfare and growth potential as our number one priority.
    We are mentors and guides for your child in this process of selecting a school they love, will thrive at, and that will give them an advantage for graduate schools and their future.

    College Selection Process