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US Values Camp



The US values camp is three weeks of activities and classes designed that combine educational, professional, and cultural experiences into a powerful and customized module for each camper.
We utilize a vast network of experts, places, and resources in order to improve critical thinking, confidence, discernment, motivation, and analytical skills in our students.

Your child will take away from our camps:

  • Character building and communication Skills.
  • Convictions about their value system.
  • Creative problem solving processes.
  • A defined purpose with goals.
  • A personal mission statement.
  • An understanding of man's use, stewardship and interaction with nature.


We have worked closely with professional educators in order to develop a tailored curriculum that puts the learning process at the center of every activity.
Talent is important, but understanding self and your core values paves the path to academic success.

We want to produce students that are happy, confident, and self motivated so that they are able to make difficult decisions based on convictions rather than societal demands.
Students will attend daily morning and evening classes with a licensed American teacher working through these lesson plans in engaging lectures, discussions, and bookwork in order to stimulate thoughts that they can build up and apply throughout the rest of camp and their lives.
Lessons cover making decisions under six essential topics that will be significant

throughout students lives:

  • School- How to use it wisely
  • Friends- Use values to find them
  • Parents- Respecting their love
  • Dating and sex- Do we share the same values
  • Addictions- Understanding the roots
  • Self-worth- You are unique and valuable

After covering these topics, we work individually with students to use what they have learned to develop a personal mission statement to guide them through life.

We provide parents with a full report of their child’s accomplishments, goals, and workmanship after the camp ends, along with their workbook and personal mission statement.
We also provide each child and parent with a mentor email and contact should the child want to gain more understanding or have specific needs when or if they attend US universities at a later date.


The Pacific Northwest is one of the best kept secrets in the United States and we are happy to call it home for Camp Beyond.
The natural beauty, outdoor activities, pristine environment, clean air, and friendly residents make it the ideal location for experiencing the best of American culture.
Camp Beyond is located on 12 acres of forested land in the beautiful Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area on the Washington State side of the Columbia River.


Each day at camp is full of activities designed to expand knowledge, develop new perspectives, and push students out of their comfort zones in a safe environment.
Activities are ideal opportunities for students to analyze, emphasize, and practice applying the materials that they are learning during class, and each experience is presented as a chance to grow in both thought and practice.

We utilize our incredible location to do everything from whitewater rafting and breathtaking hikes to college visits and personalized museum tours.

A typical day at camp looks like:

07:00 - 07:30 Wake Up and Breakfast
07:30 - 09:00 Morning Class
09:00 - 12:30 Morning Activity/ies
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 18:00 Afternoon Activity/ies
18:00 - 19:00 Dinner
19:00 - 20:30 Evening Class
20:30 - 21:30 Free time/ Time to Contact Parents
21:30 - 22:00 Prepare for Bed and Next Day Activities


Camp Beyond is committed to providing the best environment for learning and we have found the most caring and competent staff to lead these educational adventures.
We take the safety of our campers very seriously and we are proud of our perfect safety record and have taken every precaution to make our challenges and activities as safe as possible for your child.

In the unlikely event that an accident does happen, parents can rest in knowing that our seasoned staff have been trained in Wilderness First Aid and CPR.
Additionally, all of our programs and participants are fully insured through Francis L.
Dean and Nationwide insurance companies.
All activities include safety procedures and clear expectations.
Our campers are also provided with safety equipment and instructions before each activity.

Details and Application


The USA Core Camp materials and activities are tailored to students entering grades --- to --- and is most effective for that age range.
We make occasional exceptions, but keep in mind that those younger and older than that range often do not experience the full impact that our camp is designed for.

During each section we only allow a maximum of 20 campers to attend so that we can be assure quality teaching and impact campers to the fullest extent.
We need a minimum of 6 campers to run a session.

There will be up to four local high school students and Chinese translators onsite to ensure that your students integrate with local students and culture and at the same time are able to understand the content of the classes.

Dates and Rates

Camp Beyond offers three sessions per summer-

Keep in mind that schedules will change due to circumstances and opportunities as the summer approaches.
We do our best to have schedules available by the January first, but cannot guarantee that those activities will be available on their respective planned dates.

It is suggested that campers stay a full 21 days to finish a complete 6 Decisions module.
For campers staying longer than 21 days, we have continuing courses to challenge, expand, and build on what they have learned.
We also offer 1 and 2 week stays but for a slightly higher daily cost.

Our three weeks sessions run 6000 USD per session.
We offer a 200 USD early bird discount for registration and payments before May 1st and another 200 USD discount for siblings and returning campers.

All our camp prices do not include transportation but do include all other cost.
Please inform us on how your child will travel to and from camps.
Please be sure to give us the Train, Bus, or Flight Number and arrival time and date.
We pick up students from PDX airport in Portland, Oregon.
Any other pick up or drop off destinations must be arranged beforehand with the camp director.

What to bring

In order to get the full experience from camp, many things are important and some are just nice to have. We will provide opportunities for students to buy any forgotten items, but it is encouraged that you double check that your child has everything they need and we ask that they bring

(Packing List Download Link)

With our focus on the experiential and tangible, Camp Beyond is an electronics free environment. Campers will have access to phones and computers at certain times to connect with family but we do ask that all devices be turned in to our camp staff for safe keeping upon arrival.


For all of our camps application forms are required in advance of camp dates.
We must have releases signed before campers arrive for insurance purposes.
You can download our full registration/application here or be emailed one by filling out the Apply section on our website.
Remember to send completed forms to so that we can register your child.
We look forward to seeing your child this summer!

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