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Taiwan Camps

We facilitate a number of different camps throughout Taiwan in order to grow and teach students of many ages. If you would like more information, or have any questions, be sure to contact us through email at or over the phone at +886 7 556-8059.

Values Camp

Based on our popular US camp, we hold values camps in Taiwan as well. Through these camps, your child will build character, identify their values, and define a purpose for themselves; as well as improve their critical thinking and creative problem solving skills. This is all facilitated in an outdoor setting and activities are focused on understanding Aboriginal Paiwan culture and outdoor stewardship.

These camps are 3 to 7 days long and are held during holidays at our YingDe Farm facility in Pingtung County. We can take up to 100 students aged 12 to 18.

Students will sleep in American Sioux Indian style tipis and may bathe in fully functional showers at the farm. Meals are cooked in an onsite kitchen by an experienced cook and/or are catered from trustworthy local establishments.

We follow a condensed version of the same 6 Decisions curriculum used for our US camp. It is modified to fit the shorter time period and to deliver an intensive growth experience that will continue long after the camp has ended. Your child should come away from camp with a better understanding of themself, of nature, and how they can become the person that they want to be.

English Day Camps

Designed for younger, elementary-aged students, we also hold day camps on our farm in Dashe District in Taiwan. The goal of these camps is to teach gratitude, respect, and self-discipline, three values that will help them to be happy and successful as they grow.

We participate in activities themed on animal husbandry, organic farming, and land management in order to bring a better understanding of where their food comes from and the responsibility involved in producing it.

If you wish to be notified when we have upcoming camps, please contact us! Don’t forget to leave your name and contact information so that we can keep you up to date.

Ecological Camps

The goal of our ecological camps is to teach students specific ecological aspects and conservation methods in Taiwan. We use the Taiwan forests, oceans, and farms to cater a hands-on learning experience.

These camps are facilitated at various locations around Taiwan and are 1 to 3 days long. They run over weekends and may take place any time of year. Camps can be focused for different groups from ages 8 to 18, and may take up to 30 students.

Camps will specialize on different aspects of the natural world using hands-on learning with an experienced professional. Examples of camp topics:

  • The habit and lifestyle of stag beetles
  • Forest health and welfare demonstrated through acorn gathering
  • Taiwan coastal flora and fauna
  • Agricultural processes and effects through a case study on brown sugar production
  • Building and using earthen ovens

These camps may be taught by Nomis Chuang, Dr. Lewis Lin, and/or John Stephenson.

The pricing varies depending on the type of class, but will fall within these ranges:

  1. Day: 400 - 800 NT
  2. Day: 2800 - 3200 NT
  3. Day: 5500 - 8500 NT

College Essay Camps

This camp, designed for high school juniors, is meant to prepare and improve college essay skills and set students up for college acceptance and success.

During the camp, we will cover:

  • Understanding what colleges look for in the personal essays
  • Understanding the type or style of essay needed
  • Reviewing and comparing ineffective and effective college essays
  • Methods to brainstorm relative essay topics
  • Practice in writing their essays with valuable critiques
  • How the essay fits within the college application process

Essay camps are taught by an experienced teacher accompanied by a college student. They are run over weekends with 2 days of 9 hour sessions.

They are 425 USD/student and require a minimum of 8 students and maximum of 20.